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Martin Choutka

Programmer / student


I am studying at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague - Informatics. The school gave me knowledge of economics or management. From C # and SQL programming. As a bachelor's thesis, I chose the development of AI data platform, which can be seen here.

Logo ČZU


I work at ČSOB, in the position of web content manager. I manage CEB - Company Electronic Banking. This is internet banking for companies and corporations. My job is to manage the portal, create / edit web content, publish campaigns and create new PDF forms or edit existing ones - in JavaScript.



I learned how to create websites, applications or programs completely on my own - I enjoy it and so I try to improve in it. I are fluent in technology and languages ​​listed below.

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I like to make websites simple, functional, user-friendly, and low-cost. I don't have to pay for WordPress, Elementor, and dozens of plugins. But in some cases, it's a wiser, cheaper, and less time-consuming option than building your own.

I can also play with SEO, API creation, architecture design, database creation, design and graphics without any problems.